Kadebostany Song Lyrics - The Eagle
The Eagle by Kadebostany

Pop Collection lyrics

The Eagle lyrics

Artist: Kadebostany
Album: Pop Collection (2013)


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You've never seen my face
I don't come from your place
You don't like my style
Because I never smile
My heart is made of stone
And I'm all alone
My shadow on the snow
Is black like a crow
I'm not the slave of money
It runs of me
Never talk to me
I don't have any pity.

My bones are shaking
M-my ego is melting
My body is screaming
M-my eyes are rolling.

You call me a zombie
Do you think that you're free. [x2]

They call me the eagle
'cos we are not equal
I can escape from dark
With my noah's ark
My flow is made of gold
I'm like one million years old
My sound on the ground
Cannot be found
You just have to respect me
No other possibility
Never look at me
It could be really risky.

My veins are showing
M-my brain is jumping
My hair is falling
M-my strength is growing.

You call me a zombie
Do you think that you're free. [x4]

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Pop Collection lyrics Artist: Kadebostany
Album: Pop Collection
Song: The Eagle
Release: (2013)
  The Eagle

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