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Float - Song Lyrics - by Karnivool

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Asymmetry - Karnivool lyrics

Karnivool Song Lyrics

Artist: Karnivool
Album: Asymmetry (2013)

Not ever
No never
Not ever will they know this love.

What they wanted was a sign
That they could hear everlasting
I refrain they sing aloud to.

All we want
Is just enough to get by.

We all pretend to understand it
To give us the feeling like
We won't allow it.

And ever
Forever will they know this light.

Cornered enough to make a sound
Hear it everlasting
We refrain they're not allowed to.

Have enough
Just enough to get by.

The freedoms
We're ever chasing
Just when the feeling strikes
We're not around it.

Cornered enough to make a sound
Just to hear them leaving
They'll refrain they sing aloud to.

Just enough to get by
Just enough to get by
Just enough to get by
Just enough to get by.

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Asymmetry lyrics Artist: Karnivool
Album: Asymmetry
Song: Float
Release: (2013)

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