Katie Melua Song Lyrics - Mad, Mad Men
Mad, Mad Men by Katie Melua

Ketevan lyrics

Mad, Mad Men lyrics

Artist: Katie Melua
Album: Ketevan (2013)


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Mad, mad men
Wild, wild women
And crazy girls

It's always the mad, mad men
The wild, wild women
Who change the world

Oscar - he was a wayward child
No one could foresee him fail
With his pen he went a little while
And ended up in reading jail

Looking at the world through cold steel bars
Lying in a gutter but looking at the stars

Mad, mad men
And wild, wild women
And crazy girls


Joan of arc seemed like a ditsy then
Claiming she was from the lord
But she won her battle and she made her name
She must've had a magic sword

Then somebody shouted heresy
She went up in flames and down in history

Mad, mad men
And wild, wild women
And crazy girls


Ooh you know it don't even matter
You can be as mad as a hatter too
And you can climb that ladder
To the top!

Mad, mad men
And wild, wild women
And crazy girls


Who change the world

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Ketevan lyrics Artist: Katie Melua
Album: Ketevan
Song: Mad, Mad Men
Release: (2013)
  Mad, Mad Men

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