Kelsea Ballerini Song Lyrics - I Hate Love Songs
I Hate Love Songs - Song Lyrics - by Kelsea Ballerini

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Unapologetically - Kelsea Ballerini lyrics

I Hate Love Songs
Kelsea Ballerini Song Lyrics

Artist: Kelsea Ballerini
Album: Unapologetically (2017)

I hate shakespeare and gosling and cakes with white frosting
Two names in a heart-shaped tattoo
I think cupid is stupid and violets are purple not blue
I hate catching bouquets, the honeymoon phase
And letterman jackets don't fit
Your eyes can't hold stars and you'd die if your heart really skipped.

I hate love songs
Yeah, I really do
I hate love songs
But I love you.

I hate pink hearts with glitter and valentine's dinner
And roses just die in a week
We were drunk when we met so we don't know our anniversary
And I'm far too vain to kiss in the rain
The clouds, they aren't numbered to nine
And you make me feel something but it sure as hell ain't butterflies.

I hate love songs
Yeah, I really do
I hate love songs
But I love you

And I'll always love you but I don't have to sing it
'For worse or for better' don't rhyme
They say I got the right one so now I should write one
But I'd rather just show you tonight.

I hate love songs
Yeah, I really do
I hate love songs
But I love you.

I hate love songs
The old and the new
I hate love songs
But I love you.

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Unapologetically lyrics Artist: Kelsea Ballerini
Album: Unapologetically
Song: I Hate Love Songs
Release: (2017)

  I Hate Love Songs

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