Kenny Chesney Song Lyrics - Makes Me Wonder
Makes Me Wonder - Song Lyrics - by Kenny Chesney

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Welcome To The Fishbowl - Kenny Chesney lyrics

Makes Me Wonder
Kenny Chesney Song Lyrics

Artist: Kenny Chesney
Album: Welcome To The Fishbowl (2012)

Stepped off the air plane, I saw your face
It's been forever, but it don't feel that way
Your hand took my hand like it knew what to do
Girl it's so easy to be with you

Makes me wonder [x3]
Why we're not in love

Cought up on the coffee, then walk around town
Some sidewalk singer was laying it down
You started dancin right there on the curb,
Thought to myself man there's somethin bout her

Makes me wonder [x3]
Why we're not in love

Well I been thinkin bout her
Still can't tell ya why
All I know is that it's, hard to say goodbye

I got on that air plane, you got in your car
Looked out on that city wondering where you are
And if your feeling like me just a little bit sad
I already miss you, now what's up with that

Make me wonder [x3]
Why we're not in love

Makes me wonder [x5]
Why we'er not in love

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Welcome To The Fishbowl lyrics Artist: Kenny Chesney
Album: Welcome To The Fishbowl
Song: Makes Me Wonder
Release: (2012)

  Makes Me Wonder

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