Kenny Chesney Song Lyrics - Where I Grew Up
Where I Grew Up - Song Lyrics - by Kenny Chesney

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Hemingway's Whiskey - Kenny Chesney lyrics

Where I Grew Up
Kenny Chesney Song Lyrics

Artist: Kenny Chesney
Album: Hemingway's Whiskey (2010)

There's still marks on the pantry door of that little house
Where mama used to measure us
I'm proud to say that's my home where I was raised
But that ain't where I grew up

See, I gained a little on father time
The summer my granddaddy died
The first time I saw mama cry
Man, that sure was tough

Felt like I put on a few years
Watching daddy wipe her tears
In my little coat and tie standing in that cemetery mud
That's where I grew up

My senior year, a case of beer out on the river bank
Getting a head start on twenty one
That's the place that made me feel just like a man
But that ain't where I grew up

See I gained a little on father time
That night I crossed that center line
I bet I rolled a dozen times

Next thing I knew I was waking up upside down
Praying god just get me out
Then I hit my knees beside what was left of my truck
Hey, that's where I grew up

You learn as you go, that's how you grow

See, I gained a little on father time
When me and her, had our first big fight
I said some things, I made her cry
She packed all her stuff

The boy in me said let her go
But the man in me said pull her close
It was time to find out which one I was
Standing in a doorway holding on to love

That's where I grew up
Oh, that's where I grew up

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Hemingway's Whiskey lyrics Artist: Kenny Chesney
Album: Hemingway's Whiskey
Song: Where I Grew Up
Release: (2010)

  Where I Grew Up

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