Killswitch Engage Song Lyrics - I Am Broken Too
I Am Broken Too - Song Lyrics - by Killswitch Engage

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Atonement - Killswitch Engage lyrics

I Am Broken Too
Killswitch Engage Song Lyrics

Artist: Killswitch Engage
Album: Atonement (2019)

You carry this weight trying to cover your mistakes
To make it seem like nothing could ever break you.

But I see right through, 'cause I am broken too
In all the same places as you
And if you needed proof, I'll reopen my wounds
Reopen my wounds, yeah...

I see myself in you
(In you)
I know you can make it through.

If you needed proof, I'll reopen my wounds
In all the right places for you
So now you see the truth that you are broken too
I'll reopen my wounds for you.

I keep making the same mistakes, just to feel alive again
It's the only way to break on through
So stop numbing all the pain
'cause it just won't go away
(Won't go away)
If you only knew how much I needed you.

And if you needed proof, I'll reopen my wounds
(My wounds)
In all the right places for you
I can see the truth 'cause I am broken too
I am broken too
(Broken just like you)

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Atonement lyrics Artist: Killswitch Engage
Album: Atonement
Song: I Am Broken Too
Release: (2019)

  I Am Broken Too

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