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You Again
Kovacs Song Lyrics

Artist: Kovacs

You again
I thought I was true again
So dear I'm breathing in
And I like weight on my skin
It's soaking in.

You again
The same ultrix feel new again
The magic eye dives me in
And did that see I've sinned
Where I'm still gone
So I'm (gonna) going in (o-oh-ooh)

You again

Today you know, am I heavier
Or more I say just take it all.

You left me all, to watch me fall
Like a cannon ball
Far enough to fly
Close enough to grow (aaaa-ah)

You again
You again
When I tried to hide
My life is over, I saw
The universe conspires to make sure
I can break the circle (oh, aaw)

You again
(Oh, aah-aaah)
You again
You again
You again
I fought and lost
To you again.

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