Kylie Minogue Song Lyrics - Mighty Rivers
Mighty Rivers by Kylie Minogue

Aphrodite lyrics

Mighty Rivers lyrics

Artist: Kylie Minogue
Album: Aphrodite (2010)


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I was so close to the edge I was falling down
You come and turn it around
And let me see again
Let me see you again

Caught in the eye of the storm I was sure I'd drown
But you made me reach deep down
Assured of the strength I'd found
The strength I'd found, yeah

Mighty rivers run right through me
I find them if I dive in too deep
In the shadows swim with daydreams
As far away as they can take me, oh

There was a time I would go with the rolling tide
I wanted an easy ride
I thought it was all a game
The thunder struck and it changed

Then I was scared, I was scared, I was terrified
But you made me reach inside
As certain that I'd survive
I'd survive, but

All night I'm lying awake
It feels like my body's afraid to say
Too much to put into words
A dam about to burst

[Repeat chorus]

Only you understand me
For the truth not the fantasy
I'm as true as I can be
Hear me now

[Repeat chorus]

As far away as they can take me, oh

[Repeat chorus]

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Aphrodite lyrics Artist: Kylie Minogue
Album: Aphrodite
Song: Mighty Rivers
Release: (2010)
  Mighty Rivers

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