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Try Tonight by Lana Del Rey

Sirens lyrics

Try Tonight lyrics

Artist: Lana Del Rey
Album: Sirens (2005)


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Can't put my finger on it
But I know I want it
I'm willing to try another way
That is, if I get by another day
Back and forth, I don't get anywhere
And I've been searching everywhere

And I'll try tonight
Just try tonight
Happy as the moon shine
Sifting in the night time

Cliches find a home inside of him
When he enters all of the lights go dim
He's so sure he's got a tragic lifestyle
And I'm so sure I can make that man smile

And I'll try tonight
Just try tonight
A dark room in the night time
Is how he spends all his time

If he could go on without your help
Then he would do it all by himself
But I don't think he got strength to muster
And he don't got a lot lack of lustre

He'll try tonight
Tonight get higher
He'll try tonight
Tonight I'll get high
But he will, he will, he will, yes, he will

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Sirens lyrics Artist: Lana Del Rey
Album: Sirens
Song: Try Tonight
Release: (2005)
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