Macklemore Song Lyrics - NXNW Remix
NXNW Remix - Song Lyrics - by Macklemore

Below you can read the song lyrics of NXNW Remix by Macklemore, found in Mixtape The Unplanned Mixtape released by Macklemore in 2009. Remember that you can play this song at the right column of this page by clicking on the PLAY button. You can also use the lyrics scroller to sing along with the music and adjust the speed by using the arrows. Press CTRL-D on your keyboard to bookmark this page. Report broken, missing or wrong video to us here and we will fix it.

The Unplanned Mixtape - Macklemore lyrics

NXNW Remix
Macklemore Song Lyrics

Artist: Macklemore
Mixtape: The Unplanned Mixtape (2009)

[Verse 1 geologic]
Now we live from the side of the last of the four corners
Just short of the northern international border
Was born a town upon the pond that all the people call the sound
It's time to call 'em out, you standin' up or fallin' down?
Saba dug inside a crate and jake responded, he was on it
We interpreted the sample canceled
The opportunist on the corner acting stupid
We plotting to take it back
The crying and dedication on gentrification ave.
No imitation of way back, preservationist rap
We honor the past maybe to move it toward the future
From fresh tracks to emerald street, it's foundation
And mr. anthony grey paved the way and now we chase him
But they didn't have the patience to place it as a priority
Herbs and haters never have served the greater majority
Words will never capture the glory of our story
Performing but never forgetting who came before me
In the northwest, northwest, northwest, north west.

[Verse 2]
I'm from the city where it rains at
Where we bring the pain at
Put you lame cats where the lames at
We fly, we fresh, we hood
And in the northwest, seattle...
I'm good with that nonsense
See I'm on everything constant
So you better ask him who I'm is
The lost city is the last one standing
We came through the forks so the crown demanding.

[Verse 3]
The town is enhancing at the current date and time
And in the state of refinement definitive when the climb ...
When it's sink or swim
You want to test us? better think again
Going hard 'til we reach the end
One day at a time I just move faster, I just move forward, I just move past ya
This is a new chapter from here on after
206 north by northwest we... ...

[Verse 4 thig natural]
I'm from the city of rain and we came to spit flame
But come equipt with many mix that could solicit your dame
I'm kind of sick with it mane
I'm from the city where you probably find 'em twisted in chain
I keep it natural that's the name
I love my town so damn much I never change
But I will speak to you through rhythms and over melodies
Travel the emerald city with visions that you'll never see
And clowns that front ain't worth my energy
So here's the remedy.

Northwest, northwest, northwest, northwest.

[Verse 5 macklemore]
I was that kid on 23rd and alder
With the ghetto blast that jacked and ran and told my mama
Came back, quarterback, playing steve largent
With lines and stay on your mind like brian bosworth
Aw heck no, this the best coast
Since vida was ridin' rays on the metro
One radio station they're really not playing it
We need cube like we need to build another stadium
From chop to showbox to the spots that we playin' at
We rock it like this rock, rock turn it hella quickly
There really isn't anything that you could tell my city
The crowds gonna be like 'oh wow that was hella filthy' (that was hella filthy though)
I brought my showtoes with me long ass march, but the clientele's listening
Now while I'm at it I'll throw in a backpack
Put the northwest on the map, then go out and sell fifty.

Anybody contest, north by northwest
And it's still no rest 'cause we're not finished yet
We're broke, but not broken
Cold, but not frozen
Lost but not forgotten, we're kickin' the doors open.

Anybody contest, north by northwest
And it's still no rest 'cause we're not finished yet
We're broke, but not broken
Cold, but not frozen
Movin' in slow motion, it's that northwest classic.

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The Unplanned Mixtape lyrics Artist: Macklemore
Mixtape: The Unplanned Mixtape
Song: NXNW Remix
Release: (2009)

  NXNW Remix

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