Miss Montreal Song Lyrics - Army In My Head
Army In My Head by Miss Montreal

Irrational lyrics

Army In My Head lyrics

Artist: Miss Montreal
Album: Irrational (2014)


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They go marching after midnight
And their looking for the big fight
When they find you, you can't stop them
They get louder, the army in my head...

They buried me with the words that they said tonight
The army in my head
They fuck me up and left me for dead, tonight

Television and a red wine
To keep busy with a clear mind
Close my eyes, I see them coming
Can't avoid them, the army in my head


When the army in my head...
The minute that I see you
And when you say my name
I feel that I can fight them and keep them right there
When we are together, we make it through the night
You make me feel like I can surive

[Chorus x3]

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Irrational lyrics Artist: Miss Montreal
Album: Irrational
Song: Army In My Head
Release: (2014)
  Army In My Head

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