Mutemath Song Lyrics - Equals
Equals - Song Lyrics - by Mutemath

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Odd Soul - Mutemath lyrics

Mutemath Song Lyrics

Artist: Mutemath
Album: Odd Soul (2011)

Rise under pressure
We get tired of learning lessons
On the go is how we survive
We don't know when it's goodbye
But as long as we have
Faith in each other

Nothing's gonna stop what we started
Nothing's gonna break what we've bonded
We can make the world spin however we want
It's all on us

The goal is to stay above ground
Control the nervous breakdown
Watch your step
The floor will crumble
We don't know how it all will end up
But as long as we have faith in each other

If we've got the same heart that we use to trust
The same spark in our eyes
If we've got the same love that used to carry us
Then we can make it out alive

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Odd Soul lyrics Artist: Mutemath
Album: Odd Soul
Song: Equals
Release: (2011)


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