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OK - Song Lyrics - by Mutemath

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Mutemath lyrics

Mutemath Song Lyrics

Artist: Mutemath

Down on my knees, down on my face
You just say, 'It's ok'
So many days I've thrown away
You just say, 'It's ok'
I don't think I could ever repay
Your perfect grace, but it's ok

It's ok, it's ok
It's ok, it's ok
You've become my embrace
Just tell me, 'It's ok'

Your precious words intoxicate
A heart that aches, it's ok
You don't recall my past mistakes
You just say, 'It's ok'
The human mind can't calculate
Your perfect grace, but it's ok

Even though you've seen a thousand times I've let you down
You're always there if I should call your name
You're unashamed, unashamed

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