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Captured by Natalie Grant

Awaken lyrics

Captured lyrics

Artist: Natalie Grant
Album: Awaken (2005)


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It must mean something
When I close my eyes
Visions of you come to me and flood my mind
It must mean something
When my heart is true
All that I can think about is you

Everywhere I go you find me
Even when I run
I'm captured
I'm captured in you
Everywhere your love surrounds me
I cannot escape
I'm captured
I'm captured
It must mean something
When I'm standing still
Yours is the only voice I wanna hear
It must mean something
That I've come this far
Lifting up my hands and offering my heart

[Repeat chorus]

You are the sky
You are the sea
You are the air I wanna breathe
You're everywhere
Your love last forever
And if I fall
You won't let go
You hold me when I can't hold on anymore
You reach out and rescue me

[Repeat chorus]

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Awaken lyrics Artist: Natalie Grant
Album: Awaken
Song: Captured
Release: (2005)

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