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Salvation by Natalie Grant

Deeper Life lyrics

Salvation lyrics

Artist: Natalie Grant
Album: Deeper Life (2003)


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When I was a little girl
I started dreamin' 'bout my place in
This big world
My mamma taught me how to be a lady
And my daddy, he loved me
But more importantly, when I was
Eight years old
Received eternity and a love that won't
Grow cold

I gotta talk about it, sing about it
I can't face the world without it
Sweet salvation
It's not magical, not mystical
It's purely supernatural
Sweet, sweet salvation

Come on and sit next to me
I'll tell you about a man who can set you free
Died when he was thirty-three
He gave his life on calvary
It's undeniable; his page in history
So incredible, this human deity

Doesn't matter what your size
Or the kind of car you drive
Ask and you will recieve
Doesn't matter where you've been
Or the color of your skin
It's free, free, free to all who believe

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Deeper Life lyrics Artist: Natalie Grant
Album: Deeper Life
Song: Salvation
Release: (2003)

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