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The Background World by Nine Inch Nails

Add Violence lyrics

The Background World lyrics

Artist: Nine Inch Nails
EP: Add Violence (2017)

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You left me here
What am I supposed to do?
I never dared to look inside
Just like you told me to
I'm going into you again
I know you saw it too
Now I'll keep myself awake
I know what's coming
I feel it reaching through
There is no moving past
There is no better place
There is no future point in time
We will not get away.

The world is bleeding out
It folds itself in two
Behind the background world
Is always bleeding through.

Are you sure?
This is what you want?

Hard as you try not to see it.

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Home > Nine Inch Nails > The Background World

Add Violence lyrics Artist: Nine Inch Nails
EP: Add Violence
Song: The Background World
Release: (2017)
  The Background World

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