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Where Is Everybody? by Nine Inch Nails

The Fragile lyrics

Where Is Everybody? lyrics

Artist: Nine Inch Nails
Album: The Fragile (1999)

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Did you happen to catch
Or did it happen so fast
What you thought would always last
Has passed you by
Is everything speeding up
Or am I slowing down
Just spinning around
And I don't know why
All the pieces don't fit
Thought I really didn't give a shit
I never wanted to be like you
But for all I aspire
I am really a liar
And I'm running out of things I can do

I'd like to stay
But every day
Everything pushes me further away
If you could show
Help me to know
How it's supposed to be
Where did it go?

Pleading and
Needing and
Bleeding and
Breeding and
Where is everybody?
Trying and lying
Defying denying
Crying and dying
Where is everybody?

Well okay, enough,
You've had your fun
But come on there has to be someone
That hasn't yet become
So numb and succumb
And god damn I am so tired of pretending
Of wishing I was ending
When all I'm really doing is trying to hide
And keep it inside
And fill it with lies
Open my eyes?
Maybe I wish I could try

Pleading and needing
And bleeding and breeding
And feeding exceeding
Where is everybody?
Trying and lying
Defying denying
Crying and dying
Where is everybody?

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Home > Nine Inch Nails > Where Is Everybody?


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