Nobody's Angel Song Lyrics - Sugardaddy
Sugardaddy - Song Lyrics - by Nobody's Angel

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Nobody's Angel - Nobody's Angel lyrics

Nobody's Angel Song Lyrics

Artist: Nobody's Angel
Album: Nobody's Angel (2000)

No you aint got no happiness
Dont need no glory or fame
All I want is ur sweet love that sugar daddy brings.

I'll do anything it takes to keep our love alive
Workin' day and noght just tryon' to survive
To be with you is every thing I dont need no more
Just give me ur sweet touch
It's all I need and more.

Your my sugar daddy 7 days a week
I can't resist ya ur good enough to eat
Your my sugar daddy makin' love so sweet
I can't resist ya ur good enough to eat
Sugar..... daddy.

Baby its just like candy the kisses that you give
The sweetness in your touch can't get better than this
All I do is think of you and when you might be around
Gives me everything I need picks me up when im down.

Just give me ur sweet touch
It's all I need and more.

Your my sugar daddy.


I dont need money and I dont need fame
Just the sweet love that ya bring
Your all I want and boy your all I need
Oh you taste like candy your so sweeeet...

Suga suga daddy come give me your love
[Repeat 4x]

Your my sugar daddy makin love so sweet boy I can't resist ya your good enough to eat.
[Repeat 5x]

Your my sugar daddy.

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Nobody's Angel lyrics Artist: Nobody's Angel
Album: Nobody's Angel
Song: Sugardaddy
Release: (2000)


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