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Chocolate Box by Prince

Lotusflower / Mplsound lyrics

Chocolate Box lyrics

Artist: Prince
Album: Lotusflower / Mplsound (2009)

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So, what's the deal, y you frontin' keep it real
Do you wanna get funky with me?
If you think eye got something that you want,
Suga nothin' here comes 4 free

Eye been around this way
Got lost and found
Lemme c if you remember my name
U can try 2 get it but eye can't let you hit it
Cuz you never gon' b the same

Eye got a box a chocolates
That'll rock the sox of any
Girl that wanna come my way
And eye ain't got no time 2 waste
If she ain't makin' bank and scared of
What a brutha got 2 say

She want the b-o-x-a-chocolate everyday

So what's the deal r you sportin' some wheels
Or r you ridin' in a limousine?
This ain't prom night and eye don't wanna
Fight so you betta get ur dirty clean
Eye hear ur words goin' up and down ur
Skirt ur gonna get a chance 2 prove it
U best believe if you wanna get wit me
It takes a real woman 2 do it

[Chorus (q-tip)]

So what's the deal r you gay or poppin' pills?
Y you still wanna take my hand?
This discotech is 'bout 2 make me a wreck
My feet r singin' louder than the band
Eye c you got the feelin'
Flashin' lights up on the ceiling
Say you gotta get ur weekend now
What difference does it make?
U know you can't make chocolate cake
If ain't nobody ever showed you how

[Chorus x2]
She want the b-o-x-a-chocolate everyday

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Home > Prince > Chocolate Box

Lotusflower / Mplsound lyrics Artist: Prince
Album: Lotusflower / Mplsound
Song: Chocolate Box
Release: (2009)
  Chocolate Box

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