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Better Off by Quadron

Avalanche lyrics

Better Off lyrics

Artist: Quadron
Album: Avalanche (2013)


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Better of without you
Better off my baby
Better off without
Better off my baby

And I'm better off without you
Better off my baby
Better off my baby
Better off without you

[Verse 1 quadron]
I waited for you mainly
Can't believe you made me
Oh lord of daydreams
Leading on the maybes
And why you would treasure me
Search for you and rule me
Close sits on nothing
Why we should be killing

[Bridge 1]
Sorrow sorrow (searching searching 'em)
Crossed hearts (you crossed your heart and now you lose)
I'm better without you
I'm better without you

Avery [?]
Is only half full in your thoughts
You get no better now
Patiently, cause you're so heavy in my heart
I could do better now

I'm with you
I'm with you (if you really want me to be with you than I can chose)
And you want me
I can choose my own (I could do better)
I know I can do better

[Verse 2 kendrick lamar]
Love is life and life is love, I like to love
Every part of you. the party life can never do enough
So many obstacles the possibilities are breaking up
Can move in hospital with that extra patient you got me stuck
I'll play the prostitute if you've got the patience to pimp me
But you never put me on the strip, put it on then you strip
Put it on your fingertips and I'll kiss it off
You better not kiss me goodbye, test my faith and kiss the cross
I'm trying to go there, take you slow there if it's alright
Tell me that you care baby we could share a full life
Truth and double dare that I do repair broken hearts
Cupid shot me in the dark, stupid I didn't play my part
Ask for your forgiveness, if it's worth it I can serve a purpose
If I'm st... st... stuttering because I'm nervous
Tell me that you love me still
Promise that I'm staying still
Honesty is all I need
Honestly, we can build

[Bridge 2]
The stakes are full now
Still wait for you
I'm better off with you (I'm better off)
I'm better off with you


I'm with you (if you really want me to)
I can't chose life (I can't chose)
I could do better, better now

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Avalanche lyrics Artist: Quadron
Album: Avalanche
Song: Better Off
Release: (2013)
  Better Off

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