Quadron Song Lyrics - Pressure
Pressure by Quadron

Quadron lyrics

Pressure lyrics

Artist: Quadron
Album: Quadron (2009)


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I've been trying
To get you under my pressure

I've been trying to hurt you
For as long as I can remember
Looking for the spineless point
And change your summer into winter
When I look into your deepest
I see myself at my weakest
I am walking deep waters
To burn your spendid and virtuous bridges

But you said
Show show show
But I wont
Grow grow grow

I've been trying
To get your under my pressure

You've accepted my crimes
As if you knew they were coming
Like nicking candy from a kid
You been defeating my verbal beatings
No I wont stop my torture
Until you show you got tears too
I'd rather you deal with your temper
Than feel your careless empathy

But you said...

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Quadron lyrics Artist: Quadron
Album: Quadron
Song: Pressure
Release: (2009)

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