R. Kelly Song Lyrics - Show Ya Pussy
Show Ya Pussy by R. Kelly

Black Panties lyrics

Show Ya Pussy lyrics

Artist: R. Kelly
Album: Black Panties (2013)

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[Verse 1]
Ok, I'm 'bout to get it drunk up in this fucking club
Spend a lot of money in this fucking club
Piss the haters off up in this fucking club
Employees it's the boss up in this fucking club
I'm about to smoke a blunt up in this fucking club
Go ahead and call me scotty in this fucking club
So many bad hoes up in this fucking club
Mess around and fuck a bitch right in this fucking club

Climb up, slide down
Bend it over, twerk now
Bounce walk, touch ya feet
Split, split, split, split
Now let me see
Show your pussy
Show your pussy
Show your pussy
Show your pussy

[Verse 2]
Little mama gonna show me the pussy
I ain't no rookie, I'm smoking on cookies
She see that my pockets is fatter than snooki
I'm locking her up and no bullets will book me
She licking that molly like sodium
She climb to the top off the pole, she rose
She dropped real fast; acrophobia
I'm addicted, I'mma need a dose of you
All this money coming down on you
Little mama you know what you supposed to do
You looking at me like I have a clue
Just take off your clothes like a fitting room

[Verse 3]
She shaking her ass and her titties
Do whatever you want for them benjamins
Two bitches they popping that pussy
Buffy the body, big booty delicious
The way she keep breaking me pictures
She popping it, let that bitch hit my damn swisha (yeah)
The orgy damn near presidential
Little mama, I put her up in something presidential (yeah)
I look like the president come with me
Cause of my private president residence, presidents
Can't wife her cause she be sucking and fucking
And [?] and properly selling it
She dirty dancing


[Verse 4 juicy j]
Any strip club they showing pussy
Hike that ass up and throw it to me
Little mama got the whole club lookin'
Ass thicker than a bowl of puddin'
Clap that, clap that
Bring it here, let me slap that
I'm lowkey in vip
I'm getting head like a snapback
We hella deep in this club, got mo' niggas than a cotton field
This the way that we ball out, thirty k in dollar bills
Damn, I make it happen
Damn, I make it rain
Damn, I make it flood
Damn, I make her drown
Take her to my place
Pouring up the ace
Then I'mma paint her face like a clown
Fuck using cups, pour it in her mouth
I bet that chick she won't leave a drop
I think a nigga pockets just got in a fight
All of these motherfucking knots
Juicy j when I killed that pussy, she don't call the cops
Shawty such a dope bitch, got me watching out for the 'narks


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Home > R. Kelly > Show Ya Pussy

Black Panties lyrics Artist: R. Kelly
Album: Black Panties
Song: Show Ya Pussy
Release: (2013)
  Show Ya Pussy

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