Rex Orange County Song Lyrics - Edition
Edition - Song Lyrics - by Rex Orange County

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Rex Orange County lyrics

Rex Orange County Song Lyrics

Artist: Rex Orange County

Baby you braved it
I understand you had a bad day and shit
So I say something dumb as fuck
And luckily it gives you a facelift
But really I couldn't take it
Especially when the volume is raising
Like, she came in the room
Chicane in the road
Now my mind is racing
You care too
Where to?
Three days in a row my plans fell through
Crying in a hotel room
You listen
If I could I'd be staying at the edition
(For real) for real
I would meet you at a certain time
And take my time and make my decision
For real
I'm only ever trying to help you (love)
It's only ever love (in a hotel room)
It's only ever love, babe
I'm only ever trying to help you (love)
It's only ever love, baby (in a hotel room)
It's only ever love
It's only ever trying to be loved in a hotel room.

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