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Annihilating The Pure by Rings of Saturn

Embryonic Anomaly lyrics

Annihilating The Pure lyrics

Artist: Rings of Saturn
Album: Embryonic Anomaly (2010)

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Feast on your flesh
Now feel my blade, you are no longer whole, ripped apart you are no
Longer whole
You took your life for granted, now I'll take it away, mutilate
Tearing away at will, I separate skin from bone
But I will not end this because you've fucked me over one too many
Spilling your blood at my leisure fuck you, pissing over what is left
Of your corpse
I lacerate your flesh, fuck
Bodily fluids flow freely as I rip cut and tear, repetition of
Killing, genocide of the human race, my final mutation has come, you
Face the darkness, annihilating the pure to dominate again
Take back this ancient planet, this land belongs to me
Your earth, a desolate shadow of it's former state
Fallen human filth I will show no mercy
Planet fucked
A hole in space, embryonic waste.

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Home > Rings of Saturn > Annihilating The Pure

Embryonic Anomaly lyrics Artist: Rings of Saturn
Album: Embryonic Anomaly
Song: Annihilating The Pure
Release: (2010)
  Annihilating The Pure

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