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Smiler - Rod Stewart lyrics

Rod Stewart Song Lyrics

Artist: Rod Stewart
Album: Smiler (1974)

Fare thee well my brother
Please don't stand in my way
I'm going down to that dirty town
No matter what you say
You fooled me and you ruled me
And you played in every part
I gotta go, it's no use me stayin' home

Goodbye my sister
Please don't let me see you cry
Gonna be a star some day
No matter what they say
And when you hear the crowds
All callin' and shouting out my name
Until then, my little friend, I'll be unsatisfied

So long sweet melinda
Don't forget that you're my girl
Gonna dress you fine
And if you give me time
Make you proud like I said I would
And if the champs elysee's no fallacy
If I find the world looks like it should
Candy cars, movie stars, street bars
Then I could stay a while

Well I love you
Shall I write or phone from paris or rome
And I'll miss you all
Even tho' you're tryin' to hold me back

Farewell all my family
Don't you know I mean you so well
Please appreciate I must make a break
Just to see what I can do
The stage is set so understand
I can't hide in the wings no more
I've got to go now it's no use me staying home

All I can say is I love you
Shall I write or phone from paris or rome
And I think I'm always gonna miss you
And I love you always
I think I'm always gonna miss ya
Even tho' you're tryin' to hold me back

And I love you and I miss you
If you don't get no mail you know I'm in jail
But I love you and I miss you


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