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You're Picking Me Up by Ronan Keating

Destination lyrics

You're Picking Me Up lyrics

Artist: Ronan Keating
Album: Destination (2002)

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You're picking me up girl [x2]

What hell? because of you [x2]

Your picking me up because I had such a bad day
Life throws at you crap in so many ways
Was so mad till you came my way
You fall down they'll walk right over you
So get up get on you gotta fight through
Fat farm skinny school we've lost the plot
And it hurts to see the truth when we see it
So lets all get smashed coz no one cares


Your picking me up coz I had such a hard night
Why does life feel like a fist fight
And big brothers proved that were losing our soul
Its all about what you've got on you
So get up get on you got fight through
And it hurts to see the truth if we feel it
So lets all get trashed coz no one cares


I'm gonna call my boss at midnight
Were gonna quit our jobs tonight
We wont fool ourselves no more girl
Its time to change for the right
Come on we'll party on through the night night night


In a world of pressure were lives come last
Technology got us moving so fast
But your picking me up girl how do you do it
Thank christ for you
I turn on cnn and see sub african genocide
I look for you and your right by my side
Your picking me up girl how do you do it
Thank christ for you
I drove 10 thousand miles to jump off niagara
And came back up coz your my viagra
Your picking girl how do you it thank christ for you

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Home > Ronan Keating > You're Picking Me Up


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