Sabrina Claudio Song Lyrics - On My Shoulders
On My Shoulders - Song Lyrics - by Sabrina Claudio

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Truth Is - Sabrina Claudio lyrics

On My Shoulders
Sabrina Claudio Song Lyrics

Artist: Sabrina Claudio
Album: Truth Is (2019)

I've gone insane
There's no way I'm sane
I just can't get myself to
To trust in you
To crawl inside your mind
Would be divine
That way I know that it's true
You feel the way I do.

'cause I've got two, got two
Devils on my shoulders
They're holding on to me
I can't hold on to you.

I've gone insane
But deep in my brain, I'll never get myself to
Believe in you
If only I could slice my skin
Try to align my fingerprints
I'd know exactly what it is you feel
I don't even know what I'm saying
That's not me talking.

'cause I've got two, got two
Devils on my shoulders
They're holding on to me
I can't hold on to you.

I don't wanna let them through, them through
These demons in my system
They haunting me, I'm so possessive over you.

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Truth Is lyrics Artist: Sabrina Claudio
Album: Truth Is
Song: On My Shoulders
Release: (2019)

  On My Shoulders

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