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That Kind Of Day by Sarah Buxton

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That Kind Of Day lyrics

Artist: Sarah Buxton
Album: Sarah Buxton (2010)

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Stayed out about two hours too late
And now it's hard gettin' out of this bed
Man, my boyfriend was a pain in the butt last night
Now he's an ache in my head.

I stubbed my toe on the dresser
And I guess it's too late to shower and do my hair.

Yeah, throw a ball cap on
Hell, half the day is gone
Nothin' else could go wrong, whoa...

Fifty bucks is all I got
When times are tough, it's time to shop
And the credit card will buy a lot, whoa...

What's another bill to pay?
It's that kind of day
Hey, hey, hey...

Got twenty-six messages on my voice mail
And I've only called my best friend back
And I told her when it comes to my life these days
I'm somewhere between a cry and a laugh.

She said, my mom just called her
And said, I look like I've gained five pounds.

Oh, slip into my fat jeans
Overdose on mint ice cream
Treat the day just like a dream, whoa...

Hope I see someone I know
And I'll smile and put on a show
Say I got somewhere to go, whoa...

Everyone's got something to say
It's that kind of day
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey.

Standing still on the interstate
And I swear some old lady just flipped me the bird
Did she just flip me the bird?

It's gotta go up from here
Today is gonna disappear
And nothin's gonna interfere, whoa...

Gonna buy myself some flowers
And then spend a couple hours
Talkin' to my higher power, whoa...

And ask him why life's this way
I'm gonna ask him why my life's this way
There's just no telling what he's gonna say
It's that kind of day
Hey, yeah, hey, yeah...

Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah...
Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...
Oh, yeah...

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Home > Sarah Buxton > That Kind Of Day

Sarah Buxton lyrics Artist: Sarah Buxton
Album: Sarah Buxton
Song: That Kind Of Day
Release: (2010)
  That Kind Of Day

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