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My Angel by Saywecanfly

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My Angel lyrics

Artist: Saywecanfly
EP: Home (2011)


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Take these words, and write them down
But don't get distracted by
The world as it falls apart
Around you.

You, you are my saving grace
And you, you take the darkness from this god-forsaken place
Now my angel, fly away.

On your wings, but don't forget
About me when you're gone
And the only tears I'll cry
Are from the darkness in the sky
Knowing that I've got my whole life ahead of me
I wish that you did too
And I could have been there for you
Blessed with one more soul for me to love.

Now I'll do my very best
To live the life that heaven said you couldn't have
And I hope if you were here than you'd be proud
I swear one day, I'll come join you in the clouds.

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Home lyrics Artist: Saywecanfly
EP: Home
Song: My Angel
Release: (2011)
  My Angel

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