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Sometimes (Intro) by Saywecanfly

Beautiful Mess lyrics

Sometimes (Intro) lyrics

Artist: Saywecanfly
Album: Beautiful Mess (2018)

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You are the sunshine...

Sometimes I am the darkness
Sometimes I am a bright moon
Sometimes I am galaxies and beautiful big mountains
Sometimes I am the entire universe.

Sometimes I create problems
Sometimes I create love
Sometimes I create happiness
Sometimes I am sad.

Sometimes I am lonely
Sometimes I am hopeful
Sometimes I am the sky
Sometimes I am a storm.

Sometimes I am memories
Sometimes, I have none.

Sometimes I am everything
Sometimes I am the sun
Sometimes I am a building in a big city
Sometimes I am a flower in a field somewhere.

Sometimes I am nobody
Sometimes I am war.

Sometimes I am born
Sometimes I die
Sometimes, I am infinity
Sometimes I am small.

Sometimes I forget things
Sometimes I am beautiful
Sometimes I am ugly.

Sometimes I am a wolf
Sometimes I am a butterfly
Sometimes I am made of skin and bone
Sometimes I am made of wires.

Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes.

Sometimes I wonder who created me
Sometimes I remember that I created me.

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Home > Saywecanfly > Sometimes (Intro)

Beautiful Mess lyrics Artist: Saywecanfly
Album: Beautiful Mess
Song: Sometimes (Intro)
Release: (2018)
  Sometimes (Intro)

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