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Happy Birthday, Johnny by St. Vincent


Happy Birthday, Johnny lyrics

Artist: St. Vincent
Album: MASSEDUCTION (2017)

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Remember one christmas I gave you jim carroll
Intended it as a cautionary tale
You said you saw yourself inside there
Don't get it like ...
Remember one summer we walked in time square
I showed you the zombies with hundred-inch stares
You took a big, set your hotel on fire
We took the blame, took our bags to the train.

Happy birthday, johnny
Wherever you are
Happy birthday, johnny
Wherever you are.

The last time you called it was on new years' eve
You asked me for dough to get somethin' to eat
Since we last spoke, you live on the street
Yeah, I wouldn't believe all the shit that you seen.

Happy new year, johnny
Is it 23?
Happy new year, johnny
Are the lights on the trees?

I said, 'let me think,' and you yelled through your teeth
Accused me of actin' like all royalty
Always for show, no true charity
You saw me on magazines and tv
But they only knew the real version of me
Only you know the secrets, the swamp, and the fear
What happened to blood, our family?
Annie, how could you do this to me?
Of course, I blame me
When you get free, johnny
I hope you find peace.

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Home > St. Vincent > Happy Birthday, Johnny

MASSEDUCTION lyrics Artist: St. Vincent
Song: Happy Birthday, Johnny
Release: (2017)
  Happy Birthday, Johnny

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