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I Should Watch TV by St. Vincent

Love This Giant lyrics

I Should Watch TV lyrics

Artist: St. Vincent
Album: Love This Giant (2012)

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I used to think that I should watch tv
I used to think that it was good for me
Wanted to know what folks were thinking
To understand the land I live in
And I would lose myself
And it would set me free.

This is the place where common people go
A global franchise; one department store
Yes, there were many awkward moments
I had to do some self-atonement
Well, if I opened up
Well, it would set me free.

I know, I like
Behold and love this giant
Big soul, big lips
That's me and I am this
Everybody is a touched up hairdo
Everybody's in the passing lane
Had a reason that she touched all channels
The weird things that live in there.

I took a walk down to the park today
I wrote a song called 'just like you and me'
I heard the jokes from the sports reporter
The rival teams when they faced each other
The more I lost myself,
The more it set me free.

How am I not your brother
How are you not like me
Everybody's in the hotel lobby
I'm living in here, yes I am
I feel it moving in my arms and fingers
Touch me, feel happy.

It's good to lose and it's good to win sometimes
It's good to die and it's good be alive
Maybe someday we can stand together
Not afraid of what we see
Maybe someday understand them better
The weird things inside of me.

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Home > St. Vincent > I Should Watch TV

Love This Giant lyrics Artist: St. Vincent
Album: Love This Giant
Song: I Should Watch TV
Release: (2012)
  I Should Watch TV

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