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The Party by St. Vincent

Actor lyrics

The Party lyrics

Artist: St. Vincent
Album: Actor (2009)


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Honey, the party
You went away quickly,
But oh that's the trouble
With ticking and tocking.

I licked the ice cube
From your empty glass
Oh we stayed much too late
Till they're cleaning the ashtrays.

Do you have change
Or a button, or cash?
All my pockets hang out
Like two surrender flags.

Oh, but I'd pay anything
To keep my conscience clean,
I'm keeping my eye on the exits
I'm steady now.

Ooh, ooh...
Ooh, ooh...

How did we get here?
With creaks in these chairs
Oh, there aren't enough hands
To point all the fingers.

But I sit transfixed
By a hole in your t-shirt
I've said much too much
And they're trying to speak up.

Ooh, ooh...
Ooh, ooh...
Ooh, ooh...

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Actor lyrics Artist: St. Vincent
Album: Actor
Song: The Party
Release: (2009)
  The Party

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