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Feel Real by Tear Out the Heart

Dead, Everywhere lyrics

Feel Real lyrics

Artist: Tear Out the Heart
Album: Dead, Everywhere (2015)


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You can take me back to another sunrise behind the wheel.
With all the damage done, I'll make sure as hell these wounds won't heal.

Who I was is dead and buried.
We can't go back.
Who you were is dead and buried.
Tonight we're digging up the past.

Carry on, keep the fight alive.
We're never going to rest until the morning light.
Anything to escape our minds.
What ever it takes to feel real tonight.

I need to take my own advice, and less for granted.
The kids we were back then are lost and forever abandoned.

Everyone around me has forgotten who they really are.
I'm sick of the games.
Sick of the lies.
Life doesn't fight far so why should i?

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Dead, Everywhere lyrics Artist: Tear Out the Heart
Album: Dead, Everywhere
Song: Feel Real
Release: (2015)
  Feel Real

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