Tegan And Sara Song Lyrics - So Jealous
So Jealous - Song Lyrics - by Tegan And Sara

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So Jealous - Tegan And Sara lyrics

So Jealous
Tegan And Sara Song Lyrics

Artist: Tegan And Sara
Album: So Jealous (2004)

I don't want to be part of the problem
I try so hard to get roughed up
Fists on up, it looks that easy
It looks that way to me
It looks that way to you
But then there's you telling me I can
Then there's you screaming say something
I want the ocean right now
I want the ocean right now
I get so jealous that I can't even work
There I am in the morning
I don't like what I see
I don't know how it's become such a problem
Keep you up all night if I try to remain calm
How can they ask why I feel so angry
Do you see my problem if I never explain it
But then there's you asking me how long
Say something, it's taken me so long.

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So Jealous lyrics Artist: Tegan And Sara
Album: So Jealous
Song: So Jealous
Release: (2004)

  So Jealous

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