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The Dead South by The Dead South

Good Company lyrics

The Dead South lyrics

Artist: The Dead South
Album: Good Company (2014)


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Oh pass the rum on down the line it's getting pretty cold
It's been nine straight days of hell and burning fires in the snow
And I haven't seen my baby since that old black ship set sail
Still we're holding out 'till winter dies and hoping our strength prevails.

The full moon peaks around the clouds as the grey wolves cry
The hour's getting late and we've drunk every bottle dry
Just one more march from dusk 'till dawn 'till we finally arrive
At the gates of those who long ago burned our houses and took our lives.

And we'll sing
'We are the dead south who came across the sea
To take back our lives and leave this land of misery
Our will is our weapon our hearts forever bound
Come on now tilt your bottle back and let's go grab another round'.

The wind is at our back the ground is shaking at our feet
Marching for the gates we pray the lord my soul to keep
For if we ever get ourselves out from this mess alive
I'll be singing this song for years to say I'm happy we survived.

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Good Company lyrics Artist: The Dead South
Album: Good Company
Song: The Dead South
Release: (2014)
  The Dead South

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