The Rasmus Song Lyrics - Guilty
Guilty by The Rasmus

Dead Letters lyrics

Guilty lyrics

Artist: The Rasmus
Album: Dead Letters (2003)


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I feel guilty
My words are empty
No signs to give you
I don't have the time for you

You say I'm heartless
And you say I don't care
I used to be there for you
And you've said I seem so dead, that I have changed
But so have you

Guilty, guilty I feel so
Empty, empty you know how to make me feel

I put a shield upon you
I didn't mean to hurt you
I would have only poisoned your mind
Never meant to make you cry

You've been so thoughtless
I can see right through you
You used to be there for me
So don't you leave say goodbye
Cause you have changed but so have I

I never thought that the time and the distance
Between us made you so much colder
I'll carry the world on my shoulders

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Dead Letters lyrics Artist: The Rasmus
Album: Dead Letters
Song: Guilty
Release: (2003)

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