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Lost And Lonely by The Rasmus

Black Roses lyrics

Lost And Lonely lyrics

Artist: The Rasmus
Album: Black Roses (2008)

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It feels like the end of time
Like something bad is coming
You've been living in the world of lies
Your see through walls are falling
It's getting hard to except that I'm losing you

I watch as you sleep
Your nightmares break the silence
I can tell that you're in too deep
Got your mind down to a science
And every time that I touch you
I'm losing you

You're the eve of my destruction
In the garden of fears

Why am I devastated
You threw it all away
Now who's the one who's lost and lonely
I gotta break away from you
Who will pay for all the things you've done
I'm not the only one

You're out of control inside
I don't need x ray vision
To see all the desperate signs
You made your heart a prison
I took it all out of fear of losing you

In the valley of deception
There is a river of tears


So many nights, so many fights
So many days, too easy to erase


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Home > The Rasmus > Lost And Lonely

Black Roses lyrics Artist: The Rasmus
Album: Black Roses
Song: Lost And Lonely
Release: (2008)
  Lost And Lonely

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