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Jack by The Vamps
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Jack lyrics

Artist: The Vamps

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Jack when we were younger we hung out
We were inseparable
But now jack you stole my thunder
Like my girl became my nemesis

He might be mr. popularity but
I wouldn't wanna change a thing about me
Uh oh oh don't take this as jealousy,
Just cause you're with him and not me

He drinks daniels at the bar,
Drives his daddy's jaguar.
Rocking clothes with wills on the tag
Girl he's all up on your face
Wanna put him in his place
But right now I'd rather be jack
Saying look can't you see
He's a dick compared to me
You should know he ain't really all that
I still need you in my world
But he's got you as his girl
And that's why I'd rather be jack

I can't delete his story,
Wipe your smile from my memory,
And forget you ever crushed me
By sleeping with the enemy

I think he's just another wannabe, so
I wouldn't wanna change a single thing about me
Oh oh, you need to take this personally, cause
You're with him and not me


So when you get tired of the same old lines, same old faces, places,
There's always somewhere you can run
Pretty soon you will work it out
And I will be right here waiting,
Right here waiting 'cause

Jack, jack is not the right guy for,
Jack, jack is not the right guy for you
Jack, jack is not the right guy for you [2x]


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