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Damn Country Music - Tim McGraw lyrics

Love Runs
Tim McGraw Song Lyrics

Artist: Tim McGraw
Album: Damn Country Music (2015)

Love walks into a bar
And gets you to buy her a drink
Love walks you out to the dancefloor
Right when the band starts to sing
Love walks you to a corner booth
Into her life and back through yours
Love walks you out to her car
Right up to her front door.

Then love runs through your veins
Like the wax of a candle flame
The first time that she says your name
And you just come undone
Then love runs through her hair
Like your fingers while you stare
Into her eyes thinking she might be the one
When love walks love runs.

Love walks you through the calling
The calling up of her old man
Love walks you down the sandy aisle
To put forever on her hand
Love walks you through the highs and lows
Love walks you to your knees
Love walks you over that burning bridge
Between the fights and I'm sorries.

Then love runs through your veins
A little less night a little more day
There's still a fire there's still a flame
And you know she's still the one
Then love runs you crazy like
A runaway train that runs your life
Way too fast and reckless like a bullet from a gun
Love walks love runs.

One day love turns into war
Says I can't do this anymore
Then one day love walks out the door
Then love runs fast as it can
After those tail lights for one more chance
Waving your broken heart in your hands
That kind of coming undone
Then love runs down your face
And it won't stop until she hits the breaks
And you're holding her in your arms
Til that black sky turns to sun
Love walks love runs
Love walks love runs
Whoa yeah...
Whoa oh...
Love walks love runs.


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