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Nocturnes - Uh Huh Her lyrics

Uh Huh Her Song Lyrics

Artist: Uh Huh Her
Album: Nocturnes (2011)

Now I've said too much,
Panting on this couch,
Skin is burning off,
Hand inside my top, tell me not to stop.
This will leave a scar,
Fingers falling hard,
I'm a kitten on a wire,crazy little liar.
Hate myself, taste myself.
Hush hush,
Nothings what it seems,
When you talk you make me cream,
Took the choice away from me,
I'm restless? on the phone, phone.
Nothings what is seems,
Nothing but debris [x4] ..
I will take you in my dreams..

Nocturnes lyrics Artist: Uh Huh Her
Album: Nocturnes
Release: (2011)


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