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No Stranger To Shame - Uncle Kracker lyrics

I Do
Uncle Kracker Song Lyrics

Artist: Uncle Kracker
Album: No Stranger To Shame (2002)

You spend your lonely days lookin' for someone
I just wanna be the one that makes your river run
I know it ain't so fun bein all alone
And I know you wonder when you'll find yourself a home
You ain't foolin' no one baby
See you don't believe in you.

But I do
Yeah I do
Oh I do
Yeah I do.

If you want some company
I don't mind a ride
I don't want your money baby
And I don't want your pride
You might think I'm crazy
You just might be shy
I think this is good for us
But I could just be high.

We can make this happen baby
I believe that's true.

Yeah I do
Yes I do
Oh I do
Yes I do.

You keep on lookin' baby
I hope it's all too sweet
I hope its fairy tales
And everything you dream
But just remember that we ain't all this kind
When you get tired of lookin' baby I ain't hard to find.

Your wastin' all your time out there
Cuz they don't care about you.

But I do
Yeah I do
Oh I do
Yeah I do
Oh I do
Yeah I do.


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