Van Halen Song Lyrics - Mine All Mine
Mine All Mine by Van Halen

OU812 lyrics

Mine All Mine lyrics

Artist: Van Halen
Album: OU812 (1988)


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Forgive me father
For I have sinned
I've been through hell and back again
Shook hands with the devil
Looked him in the eye
Looked like a long lost friend
Anything you want
Any dirty deeds
He's got everything
Except what I really need
Keepin' me temporarily satisfied
But not one thing I tried
Filled me up inside
Or felt like mine
Mine, all mine
Yeah, the search goes on
The more I look
My world keeps getting smaller
Staring at the sun
Searchin' for the light
Almost ended up blinded
Some only see
What they want to see
Claiming victory
Oh, but that's not me
Give me truth
Give me something real
I just want to feel
Like it's
Mine, all mine
Oh really mine, all mine
Come on give me something
Something that's mine, all mine, all mine
Mine, all mine
All the words on the wall
Look the same in the mirror
Every riddle
Every clue
You got allah in the east
You got jesus in the west
Christ, what's a man to do?
They'll find a cure for anything
Just kill the pain
Numb my brain
We see a man
Speaking the word of god
Provin' to be a fraud
His own church applauds
Stop lookin' out
Start lookin' in
Be your own best friend
Stand up and say
Hey! this is mine
All mine, all mine, all mine
Baby, you got something
And I got something
And it's mine, all mine, all mine
Mine, all mine
Mine, all mine
Yes, I'm searching
Mine, all mine
Got to have it
Mine, all mine
Mine, all mine

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OU812 lyrics Artist: Van Halen
Album: OU812
Song: Mine All Mine
Release: (1988)
  Mine All Mine

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