Velvet Revolver Song Lyrics - Dirty Little Thing
Dirty Little Thing by Velvet Revolver

Contraband lyrics

Dirty Little Thing lyrics

Artist: Velvet Revolver
Album: Contraband (2004)

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Can't stop thinkin musta been trippin this evening
My mind is racing demons and all of my feelings are numb

Yeah and when I roll with my head in the wind
And I feel like the king of the
Dead men wishin they had gotten together with you girl
But you're a dirty little liar with a message of obsession to come

You got your head in the clouds and your world's upside down
Get away from the life you're living
Get away from the man that's stealing your life
Get away from the drugs you're taking
Get away from the film of sex in your life

Can't stop drinking I'm cold kicking and bleeding
The wine is numbing feelings and all of my memories are gone

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Home > Velvet Revolver > Dirty Little Thing

Contraband lyrics Artist: Velvet Revolver
Album: Contraband
Song: Dirty Little Thing
Release: (2004)
  Dirty Little Thing

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