War Of Ages Song Lyrics - One Day
One Day - Song Lyrics - by War Of Ages

War Of Ages - War Of Ages lyrics

One Day
War Of Ages Song Lyrics

Artist: War Of Ages
Album: War Of Ages (2005)

Your eyes are covered with the same guilt that covered your hearts
Before hands tied twisted and bound by sin
Rip my flesh open and watch it bleed
Your choice will consume you
Unpunished measures are found throughout our lives
Our sins are quenched by death
Stand down and fall to your knees
Will I live to fight another day for the sins that cover my heart
Please grant me this one last request
When you accept the truth and lay down your life for him
Your soul will then be set free
All else will fade away will fade away
God save me

War Of Ages lyrics Artist: War Of Ages
Album: War Of Ages
Release: (2005)

  One Day

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