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Paranoia Purple
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Artist: Yebba
Album: Dawn (2021)

Tell me
Will you leave me lonely
On and on and on I know you told me
The most important reason why
You'll color in as many lines as I need you
Tell me
When we have no money
And the siren starts their callin'
You say
Slow down
Slow down, come on
Slow down.

And this paranoia purple turns to green
And nothing is as simple as it seems
What's happening to me?

Say now
When my life is over
Will you find somebody good enough to hold you
Someone like my abigail
To tell you all is good and well like me now
Say now
I feel my colors show how
I think it's almost time for me to go now
Go now
Go now.

But this paranoia purple turns to grey
And all that's good and well
It melts away
Until we meet again.

How could I for
Still can't figure it out
Still can't figure it out.

Ooh, how could I forget about you now
Tell me how could I forget about you now
How could I yeah for-forget about you.

Home > Yebba > Paranoia Purple

Dawn lyrics Artist: Yebba
Album: Dawn
Release: (2021)

  Paranoia Purple

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Dawn (2021)


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