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Like I Love You by Yelawolf

Trunk Muzik 3 lyrics

Like I Love You lyrics

Artist: Yelawolf
Album: Trunk Muzik 3 (2019)

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Let me come inside, swallow all your pride
Said you had that fire, please don't change your mind
Keep me no surprise, this is homicide
Willfully I die, this is suicide.

I wanna fuck you
Like I love you
I wanna fuck you
Like I love you.

Never close my eyes, I wanna see it all
I wanna make you come to me, I wanna see you crawl
The world is turning 'round while you and me go down
Moaning in my ear, climax, I wanna heard the sound
(The sound, the sound, the sound, the sound)

I wanna fuck you
Like I love you
I wanna fuck you
Like I love you.

Madonna, madonna, madonna, what kind of mama raised you?
And I'm the piranha who chased you
Threw me inside of your prison, I made up my decision
My only regret is they didn't make two
Happily a victim to the collision, running head-on
See, that's a motherfucking breakthrough
Told me I couldn't handle it and, baby, you was dead wrong
What happened to the harder way?
You turned it to a marathon, tear that pussy down
Throw the wig on, very into blondes, whatever you want
With the break of dawn, each and every song
I'ma let the gun go until you call it quit, donezo
You puttin' on a show and I'm sitting front row
You got with the one told, that could wake them, you know
Plus I got an ego to uphold, true, to put it to you blunt...

I wanna fuck you
Like I love you
I wanna fuck you
Like I love you.

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Home > Yelawolf > Like I Love You

Trunk Muzik 3 lyrics Artist: Yelawolf
Album: Trunk Muzik 3
Song: Like I Love You
Release: (2019)
  Like I Love You

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