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Everything Changed by Zach Williams

Chain Breaker lyrics

Everything Changed lyrics

Artist: Zach Williams
Album: Chain Breaker (2016)

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I was a dead man walking
Digging my own grave
Nowhere to turn bridges burn
Throwing my life away.

I was a rebel running
Until I found my end
Right at the place
I heard your grace
Say I could start again.

Everything changed
When I fell on my knees
Everything changed
When your love rescued me
From reckless and wild
To faith like a child
I was never the same
Everything changed.

Rose up from the water
Free from my sin
Eyes open wide
Hands lifted high
Oh I was born again.

I am free forever
Won't turn back no never
I was lost but now I'm found.

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Home > Zach Williams > Everything Changed

Chain Breaker lyrics Artist: Zach Williams
Album: Chain Breaker
Song: Everything Changed
Release: (2016)
  Everything Changed

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