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Shiek by ZZ Top

Tres Hombres lyrics

Shiek lyrics

Artist: ZZ Top
Album: Tres Hombres (1973)


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I met a shiek from mozambique
Who led me to the congo.
He dreamed to go to mexico
And sample a burrito.

My temperature had risen again,
It must have been a hundred and ten.

Under the oaks I was telling some jokes
And thinkin' I had it made-
Gettin' on with the folks, havin' some coke
And coolin' off in the shade.

My temperature had risen again,
And it must have been a hundred and ten.

I took a boat that couldn't float
To rio de janeiro.
So with my scuba I swam to cuba
But I'll be gone tomorrow.

My temperature had risen again,
It must have been a hundred and ten.

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